7 Twitter Users Every Health Nut Should Follow

Knowledge is power and information sharing educates all involved. The social media revolution has made it easy to share information, tips, and pointers on all subjects; including health and nutrition. Health buffs don’t need to purchase expensive muscle magazines now; follow the right health information sources online and you’ll surprise a few including the resident gym rat with your insight on the best exercise for ripped shoulders, calories lost when running at five miles per hour, could Chuck Norris have really beaten Bruce Lee, and so on.

Here are seven Twitter users that every self-respecting health nut should follow. These twitterers know their onions and keeping in touch with their inputs is sure to add to the sum of your knowledge on different health-related topics. You can make use of the “Lists” functionality on Twitter to stay tuned into your favorite Twitterers.

  1. Randy Fritz – The gentleman operates on Twitter under the moniker “randyfritz” and has a devoted and growing list of followers last numbered at more than 22K. Not bad for a guy peddling a healthy way of eating in which those delicious childhood eatables such as broccoli, peas, Brussels sprouts and spinach take pride of place. Seriously speaking, if balanced and healthy eating is what you are interested in then you should be following Randy.
  2. Dr Joe – Dr Joe is a fair dinkum Australian guy who cares about your health. He’s on Twitter, T.V and radio sharing insight on how to ensure physical and mental wellbeing. He calls his approach a Do It Yourself guide to health. Remember, the guy is a doctor and if he tweets a tenet on the drawbacks of excessive medical screening, you can take it as coming from authority. Follow him for all-round pointers and news on healthy living.
  3. Luc Boissonneault – For all practicing and wannabe bodybuilders, Luc’s tweets and his blog are a source of useful and practicable information. The reason why he stands out from the horde of other strength enthusiasts on Twitter is because he is not peddling weight loss cures out there or promising ripped quads and pecs through secret moves. He shares useful information on bodybuilding and fitness through videos, articles, and tips from time to time.
  4. American Medical News – The Twitter page of amednews.com keeps medical practitioners and the lay person updated on business, policy, public health and legal issues that impact medical practices. Any non-celeb twitterer with thrice as many “followers” than it “follows” is worth investigating.
  5. Kevin Pho, M.D. – The guy is a self-proclaimed “Social media’s leading physician voice”. Maybe he is, maybe not; but he does a great job with frequent updates on Twitter culling information from authority online journals. So if breaking health and medical news interest you, you can join the legion of more than 18K followers this guy has.
  6. WSJ Health Blog – The WSJ health blog has more than 14K followers and in return it has deigned to follow less than 200. I am of the opinion that such absurd follower / follow ratios are a great indicator of a twitterer’s authority on a subject. The page is frequently updated with tweets on news and analysis on health and the business of health. There’s worthwhile healthcare news for health nuts of all shapes, sizes, and interests.
  7. Doug Penta MD – Boston-based Doug is your proverbial good doctor with loads of experience in obstetrics and gynecology and his site provides information on these subjects in twelve languages. Women’s health is an oft-neglected aspect of our reading on health subjects. If you’re a father / mother to be or have an interest in women health issues, follow Dr. Doug’s tweets.
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