Top 50 Blogs About Reproductive Rights

Women’s rights have become international issues, and reproductive rights — which can include education, public health and advocacy — have populated many blogs. The following top 50 blogs about reproductive rights range from legal and policy blogs to topical women’s groups that address certain population segments. All blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

Legal and Policy Blogs

  1. 15 and Counting15 and Counting: This blog is part of an organized effort that calls on governments to meet their commitments on sexual and reproductive health.
  2. Reproductive Freedom: The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) offers this blog about reproductive rights.
  3. AKIMBO: The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) uses this blog to publish perspectives on world events and policies affecting women’s health and rights.
  4. Center for Reproductive Rights: The Center is a legal innovator seeking to fundamentally transform the landscape of reproductive health and rights worldwide. Their ReproRights Magazine is updated and online.
  5. Change Happens: The SAFER Blog: Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) is the only organization that fights sexual violence and rape culture by empowering student-led campaigns to reform college sexual assault policies.
  6. Choice USA: This blog gives emerging leaders the tools they need to organize, network, and exchange ideas to build a youth centered pro-choice agenda and mobilize communities for reproductive justice.
  7. Egg Donation & Surrogacy Law Blog: Theresa M. Erickson is one of the few attorneys in the United States who practices exclusively in the area of Family Formation Law.
  8. Gender & Sexuality Law Blog: This blog is populated with entries from the Columbia Law School.
  9. Health Care Justice Blog: A resource about inequity and barriers in the U.S. health care system.
  10. National Women’s Law Center: This group cuts to the core of women’s issues and reproductive rights — with special attention given to the needs of low-income women and their families.
  11. Radical Doula: Miriam Zoila Pérez is a doula, writer, blogger and reproductive justice activist.
  12. Reproductive Rights Prof Blog: Caitlin E. Borgmann provides resources, news, and information of particular interest to law school professors who teach and write in the area of reproductive rights.
  13. Reposses Reproductive Justice: RepoRepro is the blog of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.
  14. RH Reality Check: RH Reality Check is an online community and publication serving individuals and organizations committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  15. Surrogacy & Egg Donation Issues: Erikson Law Professional Corporation offers a blog that covers issues from adoption to surrogacy.

Political, Religious and Professional Advocates

  1. ACLUACLU Reproductive Freedom: This project’s mission is to protect everyone’s right to make informed decisions free from government interference about whether and when to become a parent.
  2. Catholics for Choice: CFC was founded in 1973 to serve as a voice for Catholics who believe that the Catholic tradition supports a woman’s moral and legal right to follow her conscience in matters of sexuality and reproductive health.
  3. Emily’s List: A community of progressive Americans dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to every level of political office.
  4. Living as a Prochoice Christian: Pro-choice Christian who wants to reduce the need for elective abortions through comprehensive sex education, reformed adoption and better support for pregnant women.
  5. Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health: PRCH is a doctor-led national advocacy organization using evidence-based medicine to promote sound reproductive health policies. They believe in reproductive choice for everyone.
  6. Reproductive Partners Fertility Blog: A group of physicians offer their perspective on reproductive fertility, health and issues.
  7. The Republican Majority for Choice Blog: This blog is by an organization of Republicans who support the “traditional Republican tenets of limited government and personal freedom.”

Education and Health

  1. AAUWAAUW Dialog: Since 1881 the American Association of University Women has been the nation’s leading voice promoting education and equity for women and girls.
  2. Academic OB/GYN: Use this blog to learn more about the perspectives of an academic OB/GYN.
  3. Advocates for Youth: The blogs on this site speak for efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.
  4. Bioethics Reproductive Tech: Learn about reproductive technology from this blog produced by Bioethics.
  5. Guttmacher Institute: The organization advances sexual and reproductive health worldwide through an interrelated program of social science research, public education and policy analysis.
  6. OpenForum: This blog is supported by the community of Health and Human Rights: An International Journal.
  7. The Pro-Choice Public Education Project: PEP is a national reproductive justic organization with an educational platform focused on reproductive justice and more.
  8. Women’s Health: Learn more about topics that range from birth control to female reproductive health.
  9. Women’s Health News: A medical librarian uses her blog as a format for women’s health news, politics, information and resources.

Planning and Choices

  1. AbortionAbortion: This blog is about abortion clinics, abortion law, resources, information the pill and more choices for women and couples.
  2. Abortionclinicdays: Pro-choice blog written from abortion clinic worker perspectives.
  3. Choice 2.0: Central North Carolina Planned Parenthood supports views and opinions that support women’s reproductive rights.
  4. NARAL Blog for Choice: For 40 years, NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) Pro-Choice America has been the nation’s leading advocate for privacy and a woman’s right to choose.
  5. National Abortion Federation Blog: News about reproductive choice from the President and CEO of this foundation.
  6. NYC Unrated & Unfiltered: This is the blog of Planned Parenthood of New York City.
  7. Sex. Justice. Change. Rochester/Syracuse Region Planned Parenthood writes about local and national sexual health and reproductive rights issues.

Topical Women’s Groups

  1. ACRJAsian Communities for Reproductive Justice: ACRJ organizes communities, develops leaders, and builds relationships to change policies for reproductive justice.
  2. Feministe: Feministe is one of the oldest feminist blogs online designed by and run by women from the ground up.
  3. Feministing: Feministing’s Community blog exists to provide a platform for feminist and pro-feminist writing, to connect feminists online and off, and to encourage activism.
  4. Latina Institute for Reproductive Health: This blog voices efforts to ensure the fundamental human right to reproductive health care for Latinas, their families and their communities.
  5. MS. Blog: This blog is all about women’s issues, reproductive rights and health and national advocacy.
  6. National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum: This site focuses on bridging the many issues that confront API women and their communities.
  7. Our Bodies Our Blog: This blog voices a mission to advance health and human rights within a framework of values shaped by women’s voices and a commitment to self-determination and equality.
  8. Say It Sister! Say It, Sister! is a place where NOW (National Organization of Women) leaders speak their minds on women’s issues.
  9. The Native American Women’s health Education Resource Center: NAWHERC works with a national, broad-based and diverse coalition of Native American, women’s health and civil liberties organizations. Sign up for news and listen to Dakota Talk Radio.
  10. Women of Color Policy Network: This group is the only research and policy institute in the country focused on women of color housed at a top ranked public policy school.
  11. Women’s Issues: This blog covers all women’s issues, including reproductive rights.
  12. Women’s Rights: This blog covers all women’s rights, including reproductive health and choice issues.
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