Top 50 Medical Privacy Blogs

One of the most important things you can do as a health care professional is to protect the privacy of your patients. Patients like to know that their personal health information isn’t going to be revealed to the public at large. Patient health represents a very serious matter, and it is up to you to keep that information private. However, with technological advancements and electronic health records, sometimes this can be challenging. The good news is that there plenty of tools that can help you protect the privacy of your patients.

One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to find information on a variety of topics. This includes topics related to information security and patient privacy. There are blogs out there devoted to the subject of medical privacy, as well as offering insight into law and ethics. If you are a health administrator, or public health student, you can benefit from the knowledge that others share. Here 50 great medical privacy blogs that can help you better understand your role and your options:

Patient Privacy

These are blogs devoted to the idea of patient privacy. These blogs focus specifically on issues related to keeping personal patient information private.

  1. Patient Modesty & Privacy Concerns: This is an interesting blog that not only looks at privacy, but also patient desire for modesty.
  2. Personal Health Information Privacy: Information on the privacy of health information.
  3. Patient Privacy Rights: News and information related to the privacy rights of patients.
  4. Health Information Privacy: Helpful articles and posts from the Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom: Efforts to create true patient privacy.
  6. The Big Opt Out: News on patient privacy from a British perspective.
  7. Health Privacy Blog Posts: The Center for Democracy & Technology has some great posts on health privacy.

Health Information Technology

Because so much of medical privacy these days relies on health information technology, it can help to have a basic understanding of health IT. These blogs include those devoted electronic medical records, and will help you learn more about the challenges associated with keeping records safe.

  1. Chilmark Research: Trends in health care IT, including personal health records and medical privacy.
  2. Healthcare Technology News: Information on ePatients, electronic health records and patient privacy.
  3. EMR Daily News: The latest in electronic medical records headlines and privacy issues.
  4. e-CareManagement: Interesting information on health care in an electronic age.
  5. Electronic Health Information Laboratory: Interesting insights on health information and privacy.
  6. Change Doctor: A physician offering insights into EHR, patient privacy and technology in health care.
  7. eHealth: Information on health IT, information, and medical records and security.
  8. Future of Health IT: Speculations about what’s next. Also includes information on medical privacy.
  9. Healthcare & Technology: An interesting blog on innovation, as well as on EMR, and privacy issues.
  10. HitSphere: A number of resources on health care technology, IT and patient privacy.

Information Privacy

These blogs are a little more general, focusing on information privacy and security. However, almost all of these blogs address the issue of medical privacy at some point. And if you are interested in securing electronic health information, these blogs can be quite helpful.

  1. Roger’s Information Security Blog: A great blog on computers and information security.
  2. Find out more about privacy in general, including medical privacy.
  3. EPIC: The Electronic Privacy Information Center offers great insights on privacy, including health information privacy.
  4. Schneier on Security: Security and privacy technology.
  5. A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator: An interesting look at security technology.
  6. TaoSecurity: Protecting information in this world of technology.
  7. IT Security Blog: A great look at privacy, compliance and IT. Includes health privacy.
  8. MBM Security Blog: Information security, including information on health information security and privacy.
  9. Redspin Security Blog: Privacy, security and more. Includes electronic health records.


Part of legislation in the last few years includes HIPAA legislation. One of the sections of this law deals with privacy. If you are interested in making sure that you are HIPAA compliant, including in matters of patient privacy, these blogs can help.

  1. HIPAA Blog: Learn more about HIPAA and privacy.
  2. EMR and HIPAA: Find out more about medical records and privacy.
  3. HIPAA Update: Patient privacy, HIPPA and what you need to know.
  4. Just what it sounds like — HIPAA information.
  5. Information on HIPAA and handling patient privacy.
  6. HIPAA Guide: Rules and information, including medical privacy, required by HIPAA.

Medical Ethics

Understanding medical ethics is key to providing good patient care and protecting patient privacy. It is a good idea to have an understanding of what is considered ethical medical practice, and develop a sense of ethics when it comes to medical privacy.

  1. Health Care Fraud Blog: Information on health care fraud and ethics.
  2. Health Care Organizational Ethics: Ethics in the health care system, including in matters of privacy.
  3. KCL Medical Ethics and Law: Legal information and ethical information related to medicine.
  4. Journal of Medical Ethics Blog: Information on medical ethics, including patient privacy issues.
  5. Health Rights Advocate: Ethics, patient privacy and advocacy.
  6. Wachter’s World: Plenty of interesting insight on hospitals, ethics and privacy.
  7. Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics: Learn more about health care, privacy and medical ethics.
  8. Dr. Thompson’s Blog: Discussions on ethics in medicine, including patient privacy.
  9. Sufficient Scruples: Health care policy and ethics, including privacy issues.

Privacy Law

These blogs include medical privacy law blogs, as well as blogs addressing general issues of privacy. It is a good idea to have a handle on what the law says about privacy — and rights to it.

  1. Privacy and Information Security Law Blog: Great information on privacy law, including great posts on medical privacy.
  2. Singularity Healthcare Law Blog: Insights on health law, including medical privacy.
  3. Privacy Law Blog: Issues of privacy law, including health privacy.
  4. FDA Law Blog: Addresses issues of medical privacy and HIPAA in addition to FDA law.
  5. Privacy Law & Policy: Learn more about privacy rights.
  6. Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Privacy issues from a Canadian perspective. Includes information on health privacy.
  7. The Privacy Law Site: Rules and laws regarding privacy.
  8. Health Law Attorney Blog: Information on health law, including medical privacy.
  9. PVWLaw Health Care Legal Resource: Health care law, information and more on privacy.
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