Top 50 Public Health News Sites

When it comes to public health, it is important to make sure you have access to the best information. Technology makes it easy to keep up with the latest public health information, warnings and more. With the help of the Internet, you can find news, information, commentary and more on the most important and pressing public health issues of the day.

Whether you are a public health administrator, or a concerned parent making sure that your child is safe, there are a number of resources that you can turn to for the latest public health news. Here are 50 of the best public health news sites:

Government and International Public Health News Sites

If you want public health information from authoritative sources, you can turn to government public health web sites and international health web sites. Get public health news from the governments of a variety of countries, as well as international organizations, such as the WHO.

  1. Public Health Matters: One of the best resources, straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  2. Global Health Policy: A great look at public health from the Center for Global Development.
  3. World Health Organization: Learn more about what the WHO does, and its role in global public health. Includes updates, health news and more.
  4. Public Health Europe: Great news and information on public health in Europe — and around the world.
  5. Public Health Agency of Canada: Information, news and more regarding public health in Canada and in other parts of the world.
  6. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: News about health in Australia, as well as information that applies in other areas of the world.
  7. Department of Health: This news and information site is from the government of the United Kingdom. Contains plenty of public health news.
  8. National Institutes of Health: You can get news and information from this reliable source for news.
  9. Plenty of news resources and information related to public and personal health.
  10. Ministry of Health: This great public health news site includes plenty of information from New Zealand.

Health Care Industry and Public Health Policy

For those interested in the role that the health care industry plays in public health, and for news and commentary about the health care industry, the following news sites are great options, especially since they include public health policy news sites.

  1. Covering Health: This is a great public health news source aimed at helping journalists cover the health care industry.
  2. Health Wonk Review: Focuses on the latest information in the world of public health.
  3. Disease Management Care Blog: Looks at the latest public health policy news and issues.
  4. Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview: Keep up with the latest public health news, including the latest health care industry news.
  5. GoozNews: Health care industry coverage, as well as commentary on public health policy.
  6. Global Health Ideas: A look at some of the ideas behind public health, as well as the latest news in global health.
  7. Kaiser Health News: Great information on public health and public health policy from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  8. Healthwatch: This is a news site from The Hill, a blog that follows Congress. Great source for public health policy news.
  9. Modern Healthcare: A look at health care industry business, policy and news.
  10. Global Health: The policy wonks at tackle issues of global health policy and news.

University and Professional Organization Public Health News Sites

Many colleges and universities have schools of public health. These schools often have information on the latest breakthroughs and advancements. Additionally, public health professional organizations also offer news and information on health care, the health industry, and what you need to know about your own health.

  1. World Health News: Public health news with a global perspective from the Harvard School of Public Health.
  2. Health News: Yeshiva University offers a look at public health news, especially on campus.
  3. School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University: Offers news about research breakthroughs and other public health news.
  4. Stanford Global Health: A look at public health news and information from around the world.
  5. Duke Global Health Institute: News, information and public health policy from Duke University.
  6. American Public Health Association: The latest on public health from the APHA.
  7. What is Public Health?: An informational site about public health, and what can be accomplished.
  8. Alliance for Aging Research: This organization looks at research in aging, and the public health effects of aging.
  9. Yale School of Public Health: A look at public health advancements and information about the latest developments.
  10. Mailman School of Public Health: Columbia University offers public health news and information.

Health Journals

Health journals and other publications also offer the latest news in public health. Peer-reviewed publications provide reliable information about public health, as well as providing news and breakthroughs. These journals offer news tidbits as well as in-depth articles on public health.

  1. The Lancet Global Health Network: A look at public health from the respected journal The Lancet.
  2. Journal of Public Health: This Oxford publication offers the latest in public health headlines.
  3. The Open Public Health Journal: Offers any access to public health news and in-depth coverage.
  4. PubMed: Get access to health journal articles from around the world, including those on public health.
  5. International Journal of Public Health: Plenty of timely articles about public health on the Internet.
  6. Perspectives in Public Health: A look at different aspects of public health news.
  7. American Journal of Public Health: Preview public health articles, and read in-depth about what’s making the news.
  8. BMC Public Health: Open access journal focusing on public health news and issues.
  9. The Nation’s Health: A great look at what is going on with public health in the U.S.
  10. Environmental Health Perspectives: The environment and public health.

Consumer Public Health News Sites

Finally, it can help to have access to information aimed at consumers. Consumer public health news sites can offer you the latest on the issues and alerts that affect you and your community.

  1. The Pump Handle: A discussion of public health news and issues that affect you.
  2. Health Blog: The Wall Street Journal offers a health blog aimed at helping you.
  3. Healthy Travel Blog: A great public health blog aimed at helping consumers maintain health while traveling.
  4. Healthcare Economist: Awesome blog looking at public health and its interaction with the economy.
  5. Health Beat: Consumer health information and public health news.
  6. Public Health News from Medical News Today: Find out the latest public health news headlines.
  7. The Health Care Blog: New and commentary on public health.
  8. Piper Report: Latest news in pharma and public health.
  9. Well Blog: Consumer oriented public health news, ideas and more.
  10. Dr. Buttery’s Public Health BLOG: Great information on the public health news that affects you.
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