MPA in Health Policy

The field of public administration is growing rapidly, as government programs and non-profit organizations continue to expand in all areas. If students want to work as a leader in this field, they should get their Master of Public Administration (MPA). When students enter an MPA program, they have the chance to choose a concentration, and one of the best options is health policy. With a health policy MPA degree, students are able to work in positions creating regulations and even laws. This is a career area where students truly can make a difference.

My Degree and What It’s Good For

In this career field, students are able to work in a variety of settings, completing tasks in a number of areas. An MPA program prepares students for the challenges associated with health policy, as well as leadership positions through management and administration classes. Every MPA program is different, so the exact coursework students can expect depends on the program they choose, though most programs typically include courses covering:

Each MPA program also has different entrance requirements. Some require students to have work experience in their field, while others they can enter directly from their bachelor’s degree program. While the field of public administration is not in and of itself related to healthcare, by concentrating in health policy or a related specialty, students can work in the medical industry. Students do not have to be a doctor or nurse to make a difference in this field.

My Earning Potential

Working in health policy can mean a variety of potential positions in public administration. Health policy is all about the decisions made in order to improve implement changes in various policies, including personal health, public health, tobacco control, vaccinations, and even in pharmaceuticals. Professionals work to address issues of financing and accessibility of health care, as well as the quality of health care. If students want to work in government to directly help change and implement these policies, they can obtain positions such as administrative law judges, adjudicators, and hearing officers. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, these types of government officials can expect to earn the following average salaries:

Best Online MPH (Master of Public Health) Degrees

Public health is the science of preventing disease and promoting health at the population level. Programs prepare students to become leading public health professionals capable of addressing current global public health problems. By clicking on the logos below, you can receive more information regarding your degree and school of choice.

Walden University Master of Public Health
MPA: Health Policy
Walden University – The Walden University MPH degree teaches the development of healthy individuals, organizations, and communities. The program provides core study in the public health field, using real-world teaching methodology, industry leading professors, and a capstone fieldwork practicum. Those interested in policymaking may find Walden's MPA in health policy to be of interest.
Kaplan University Master of Public Health
MPH: Health Education
Kaplan University – Graduates of the Kaplan University MPH program are ready to take their careers to the next stage at the government, nonprofit, or private level. The online program provides students with an education on how to analyze and apply scientific research, prepare public health policies, develop health education programs, and review the impact of occupational and environmental factors. Kaplan offers several specializations within their MPH program, including health education.
Grand Canyon University Master of Public Health
Grand Canyon University – The Grand Canyon University Master of Public Health program is recognized as a leader in training the next generation of public health advocates. Featuring a curriculum that is developed around a multidisciplinary methodology, courses include Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, and Social, Behavioral, and Cultural Factors in Public Health.
Boston University MS: Health Communication
Boston University – At the Boston University online Master of Science in Health Communication program, students are taught cutting edge methods in hospital administration through a dynamic curriculum that examines current healthcare issues. The program gives students a world class education in the art of communicating health literacy.

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