7 Little Known Ways to Improve Your Family’s Health

With today’s escalating healthcare costs, families need to be more proactive in managing their health. Preventive medicine is an integral part of ensuring that your family stays healthy. These seven little known remedies will keep your family out of the doctor’s office, providing both peace of mind and tremendous savings over the long run.

  1. Wash your hands for 15-20 seconds. This seems a no brainer, right? Wrong. A majority of Americans wash their hands for a mere 3 seconds—not enough time to remove bacteria, cold germs, and the flu virus from your skin. Wash your hands more frequently, including the wrists, fingernails, and the back of your hands for 15-20 seconds, a period which will at first seem like a lifetime. To get used to it, sing “Happy Birthday” while you wash—it’s a 15 second song.
  2. Before you dive into that afternoon snack, drink water. The hypothalamus, which regulates our hunger and thirst mechanisms, sometimes sends a mixed signal. That hunger might be thirst, so quench it with a nice glass of water.
  3. Don’t wear shoes indoors. Walking around the outside environment tracks in all kinds of bugs into your home, including germs, pesticides, dust mites, and toxins.
  4. Change your sunscreen. Most sunscreens protect only against sunburn causing UVB light while leaving your skin vulnerable to UVA light, which can cause cancer. Look for the UVA blocking ingredient avobenzone.
  5. Eat as a family. Scientists have reported that children who eat with their parents eat healthier than children who do not. Family meals also promote better communication and for most families, lower stress (!).
  6. Stretch. The gym isn’t the only place for stretching. Having a flexible body improves circulation, range of motion and improves balance. Stretch as a family for a fun, healthy activity.
  7. Use a humidifier. These little machines pump water vapor into your home, counteracting the colds, infections, dry skin, and allergies brought on by dry air.
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